I React to Chemicals

I shy away from chemicals as much as possible be it food, drinks, or health and beauty.

I normally have reactions to chemicals.  It’s either itch, pimples, dandruff, cough or the worst yet, mini- anaphylaxis (difficulty of breathing) in which I went to the hospital twice – in Cebu and in Calgary.  But since it is almost inevitable to encounter them, I keep my exposure to the minimum.

As I am writing this, I now have a reaction to the instant noodles I just ate.  I am beginning to cough and my breathing is constricted already.

When I have chemical reaction, I will have tea for immediate relief.  My tea is a combination of organic peppermint, licorice, and camomile.  When there will be no improvement, that will be the time to take antihistamine.

My stock of tea.


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