Headache & Migraine

Frequent headaches or migraines?

I have been there, too.  Medicine works only for a short time and  I have been desperate to find a long term solution.  Hence, I am grateful for Dada Dharma of Ananda Marga Wellness CenterChiropractic doctor, Dr. Dave Israel Cirujano, and Dr. Tam Mateo for the knowledge they imparted to me.

Dr. Dave Israel Cirujano:

He said that headaches and migraines are manifestation of hyperacidity in the stomach.  So, one must focus on the stomach, not on the headache because when the hyperacidity is corrected, the headache or migraine will go away.

Dada Dharma:

To ease hyperacidity, drink plenty of water and eat only when really hungry.  Eat only fruits and vegetables cooked in water.  Do not eat animal products since they are acidic and will aggravate the acidity in the stomach.

In Dr. Tam Mateo seminar:

When suffering from headache or migraine, drink about 1/2 cup of water every 15 minutes until the headache goes away.

Try it.  It works better than the medicines I had been taking.

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2 Responses to Headache & Migraine

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this information.I’m residing here in Cebu.I have been reading a lot about migraine remedies for about 7 yrs.now and suffered for this long.Then I saw Salamat Doc and Dr.Tam featuring about colon cancer patient survivor.I looked at the internet about him and came across on your blog about headache and migraines.

  2. Reblogged this on momshomehealthmoney and commented:
    I will try this next time that i will have migraine and share your blog to my friends who also suffered from migraines too.Thank you so much for this info.

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