Cooking Meat

When cooking commercial meat (meat that is not organic), I needed to find ways to at least remove some, if not all, the chemicals that the meat has.

As we all know, commercial raising of pig, cow, and chicken, involve commercial feeds, antibiotics, and other chemicals to keep the animals healthy, lean (with least fat), grow fast, pestilence free, and bug free.  These chemicals are retained in the meat that we buy in the market or grocery, which we ingest (un)knowingly.

So after much experiments, I have found a way to remove some of these chemicals before I cook them.  Before cooking the meat to my planned dish, I boil the meat for 5 to 10 minutes, remove the meat, then discard the water.  I boil fresh or frozen pork and beef, bacon, and chicken.

If my dish requires water, I boil the water first before putting in the boiled meat.  If the dish requires marinating, I marinate it first then fry.  Or I fry immediately and season in the skillet.  Works everytime.

The pork is boiled for 5-10 minutes.  Then water is discarded.

I boil another water then added the pork.  Then cook to planned dish.

At least, this is a healthier version of meat because organic meat is available 2 hours drive away.

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