Baking Is This Easy?

June 14, 2011, Whitecourt AB

Yes, it is my first time to bake.  Not because out of interest but because out of necessity.

I need to bake using no eggs and other allergy reactive ingredients because I am allergic to them.  I just have my ultimate allergy breakout so I need to be careful.  We bought the ingredients and some utensils and it cost about C$80.00.  I still have some of the ingredients so I can use those the next time I bake.

The preparation:  Look good to feel good.

Just like going to work, wearing earrings and a watch make one feel good.  The earrings are a gift from Izel.  The watch is my C$15 jeans watch which is practically cheap considering that where I work the cheapest Guess watch costs C$95.

The recipe is a must.

Another must is getting all the ingredients and utensils ready.

Chopping the dates for the carrot cake.

All the ingredients for the blueberry muffins.

Cooling the boiled mixture.  After which all the ingredients for the carrot cake will be mix together.

The blueberry muffin batter.

The carrot cake batter.

Baking at 375 degree F.  The muffins for 22 mins. while the cake for 40 mins.

Beautiful.  I need to buy additional muffin pan.

But it is burnt!  It is supposed to be 22 mins. but when I pierced it with a toothpick, some batter was on the toothpick so I added 2 mins.  Next time, it will just be 22 mins.

Still enjoying it with a big glass of orange juice.

Beautiful.  Just 40 mins. this time, no additional minutes.


Transfer to containers for storage.  This will be my lunch tomorrow at work.

Finally, tidy up.

Who would have guessed that I baked two items on my first baking session.  I kind of like it.  It makes your mind focus on something just like reading a novel.  Yes, baking is easy.  To breeze through like a pro, just prepare the ingredients and utensils before starting.  Techniques will be learned along the way.

However, the unappealing part of baking is tidying up.  Nevertheless, I will continue baking not because of interest but because of necessity.

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