Celebrating Our 10th Wedding Anniversary in Canada

June 1, 2011 is our 10th wedding anniversary and my husband’s 42nd birthday.

Yes, we got married on his birthday.  The reason is obvious.  So that he will always remember our wedding anniversary.  Also, so that he will remember his birthday because he tends to forget it.

It is a blessing to celebrate this occasion with family in a continent half the world away from home.  My cousin, Amor, and my husband’s cousin, Izel, are in Calgary, so we drove down there on May 30, 2011.  We are in Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada, a 5-hour drive from Calgary, so it was tiring to travel under the heat of the sun late in spring.  So, on our drive back home, we set out at about 6:00 p.m. to avoid the blistering heat while on the road.

We had two celebrations.  The first one was an advance party on May 30.  The food was sponsored by Izel.  Izel could not join the June 1 party since she will be starting her new job on that day.  After dinner, we went to play bowling then off to play billiard.  The bowling and the billiard were sponsored by Richard.  Nevertheless, the June 1 celebration was a gaily one, too.

Our special thanks to Richard and Amor, who not only opened their home for us to stay but also sponsored the June 1 celebration.

May 30: Cake from Izel

That is my 10th wedding anniversary ring.


KFC from Izel.  Izel also brought a big bottle of champagne.  But due to the rush, we forgot about it.

From left: Izel, me, Fregion, Jeremy, Elsa, Amor

Me and Dear

Fregion and Izel

After dinner, ready for bowling and billiard.

Amor and me at the bowling center.

Elsa, me, Izel

Well, this is not my strike.  This is my husband’s strike.

Richard and Fregion.  Richard joins bowling tournaments, so he gets many strikes.

Richard and Fregion at French Maid billiard center.

Amor playing billiard. At the background from left: Jeremy, Elsa, Richard.

Fregion and Amor.  Contest?

Dear and me

Amor and Richard



Jeremy, Elsa, Amor

June 1, 2011 after the 9:00 a.m. mass at Saint Bernadette Catholic Church.

Fregion, Fr. Newton, me, Amor

Richard, Fregion, Fr. Newton, me

Outside the church

Outside the house of Richard and Amor




Balloon blowing by Elsa.  Thank you, Els.  There is an air compressor available however Richard and Fregion took too long to get the lechon.  When they arrived, the balloons are all ready.

This lechon is C$250.  Thanks to Richard.

This is Cebu style lechon.  Spices are put inside the stomach cavity.  Though cooked in oven, it tasted very near to the famous Cebu lechon.

10 years of being married to the same man does not diminish the excitement, the thrill, the fun when we are together.  We still feel thrilled when we wait for any “dates” that we are planning.  We have develop a deep relationship as spouse, friend, confidante, and much more.  Yes, we have our downs but we do not linger on pain, anger, and frustrations.  We discuss situations like we are in the board room full of investors in the corporate world.  We share laughter, idealism, philosophy about life, God and religion.  We acknowledge our differences and give room to breath.  Mostly importantly, we trust and respect each other though not spoken but expressed, seen, and felt.

A toast to all couples who love being married to the same person year in and year out.

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