Half the World

I arrive in North America on Dec. 8, 2010.  Such a date to arrive.  We have chosen this date for my departure from Cebu because, since it is the birthday of Mother Mary, the date will be more memorable for us.

Generally, Canada is a nice place to live.  I like the cold winter, I like our town, jobs are available.  Most importantly, I like it here because I understand and speak their language.  This is the exact opposite of Japan,where everywhere you turn you only hear and see Japanese language and communication was difficult.

I hope to stay here in Canada for good, God willing.

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2 Responses to Half the World

  1. jeneth grefal says:

    Hi Ms Rosalie,
    gusto ko magpunta sa clinic.ni dr tam mateo worroed kasi ako meron aking fatty liver at gallbladder polyp.

    • rosalie says:

      Hello, Jeneth. It is good that you decided to go to Dr. Tam. Just check the comments section of my Dr. Tam’s article. You can find his address and phone number there. About your fatty liver, my husband had fatty liver about 3 years ago. The doctor asked for medicine and vitamins that my husband is taking. He only had herbal vitamins at the time. He stopped taking the vitamins, as in he is zero vitamins-medicine until now. And his liver is back to normal.

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