Antihistamines and Infertility

We have been trying to get pregnant for about 10 years.

I have myomas but my 2 OB-GYNEs said that they are not critical so they did not give me medication for it. I thought then that this was the reason why I had not conceived. I had tried many ways to improve my fertility including fertility drugs prescribed by my OB-GYNE, herbal, vegetarian, Chinese medicine, and other homeotherapy to no avail.

However, just 3 months ago, I was surfing about infertility when an article caught my attention. I have been surfing for infertility countless times and this was the first time something like this was listed on my search results. It was just one article that said that antihistamines act like contraceptive pills, too. Now, antihistamines are the medicine for allergies which is also known as anti-allergies. From that article, I diverted my search to “antihistamines + infertility”. And there it was on my search result, hundreds of articles about the topic. Some articles are written by OB-GYNEs which made the subject more credible.

I was a regular consumer of antihistamines. I took it day in and day out, 7 days a week. I needed it because I get itchy, have many pimples, and the worse of all (though it happened once only) was asthma because I am allergic to all food preservatives, coloring, flavoring, and everything that you either cannot read or understand in food labels, and everything that is in cans, plastics, and bottles. I am also allergic to dried fish (my favorite!), shrimps, sea shells, squids, and the like. So, antihistamine was my lifeline.

The articles that I read stated that the side effect of antihistamines is infertility. Taking antihistamines can dry up the fluids that help carry the sperm. True enough, I was “dry down there”. There are OB-GYNEs that advise their patients who are trying to concieve to stop taking antihistamines. I have stopped taking antihistamines for 2 months already. This is a real sacrifice for me. Now, I itch, have pimples, and I feel like having asthma. To combat my allergies, I just take mollasses. It is like a liquid form of muscovado sugar (“kamay” in Cebu). I also drink taheebo and take vitamin C to strenghten my immune system. These work though my pimples are difficult to clear up.

With this new and deeper knowledge and new sacrifice, I hope and pray that I may conceive. Even just one…

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3 Responses to Antihistamines and Infertility

  1. Miguel Galimberti says:

    Antihistamines can really reduce the symptoms of alllergy like sneezing or skin itching but it can also make you very drowsy. ;’*”`

    Warmest regards“>

  2. LISA CARUSO says:

    can premothizine stop conception been on it for 8 years for nausea and was woundering if me not conceiving had anything to do with these pills I take it for nausea but been trying for 1 yr to conceive and no luck so could this pill be the cause of me not conceiving

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