The Best View About Family Planning

This is the best view I have ever read about the family planning and the use of natural or artificial family planning.

 Excerpt from WITNESS TO HOPE  (The Biography of Pope John Paul II):

(page 208-209) … Marital chastity was a matter of mutual self-giving that transcended itself and achieved its truly human character by its openness to the possibility of new life.

This openness had to be lived responsibly.  “The number of children called into existence cannot be left to chance,” according to the Krakow memorandum, but must be decided “in a dialogue of love between husband and wife.”  Fertility regulation, in fulfillment of the “duty” to plan one’s family, must therefore be done through a method that CONFORMED TO HUMAN DIGNITY, recognized the “parity between men and women”, and involved the “cooperation” of the spouses.  By placing the entire burden on the woman, chemical and mechanical means of fertility regulation like the contraceptive pill and the intra-uterine device violated these criteria.  Contrary to the claims of the sexual revolution, such artificial means of contraception FREED MEN FOR HEDONISTIC BEHAVIOR while VIOLATING THE BIOLOGICAL INTEGRITY of women with invasive and potentially harmful tools.  Family planning by observing nature’s biological rhythms was the only method of fertility regulation that RESPECTED THE DIGNITY and equality of the spouses AS PERSONS.

(emphasis mine)

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