Cancer and Death

Today, my sister has succumbed to cancer living behind her husband and 2 kids who are now alone in Toronto, Canada. She is only 43 years old and has migrated to Canada 4 years ago. This is the pain of being away from family. We have not been able to care for her and we won’t even see her before going to her final resting place. We are in too much pain to not be able to be with them at this crucial time.
This is the second death in my family due to cancer.  The first was Papa Felimon, my uncle, who had stomach cancer.
Well, death is inevitable.  It is as sure as the sun rises in the morning.  However, death is still painful.  We know it will eventually come.  And even if we say that we are prepared that a loved will pass away freeing him/her of pain, we are not still really prepared to see them gone.
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