Generics Pharmacy

Today I bought Zerlex tablet, a generic antihistamine tablet, at Rose Pharmacy SM City Cebu.  I was very surprised that the price is P5.85 per tablet.

When in Manila last Feb. 2010, I bought the same tablet at the Generics Pharmacy in Baclaran.  The price was P9.00 ++ per tablet.  Compared with the price at the Rose Pharmacy, I saved about 45%.

The Generics Pharmacy is advertised as selling generic medicine at lower prices.  However, the situation above illustrates that the Generics Pharmacy is not living up to its supposed service because its medicine costs higher than the Rose Pharmacy which is a reputed chain pharmacy.

I hope the Generics Pharmacy will be true to their vision/mission of selling cheap generic medicine.

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3 Responses to Generics Pharmacy

  1. John says:

    Hi Rosalie,

    Have you ever heard of international pharmacy i think they are also giving generics at very low cost. any advices?

  2. keshavrajpaudel says:

    generic prescription is good practice but in case of nepal it is hardly practice which increase economic burden to patient. this is because doctor receive bonous/incentive from the pharmaceutical company for prescribing the brand of that company while the company makeup this through the high price from patient

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