Registering at BIR

I have been busy with the registration of our homeowners’ association at Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) at Mandaue City branch.  The process is simple if the requirements are complete.  For the homeowners’ association, the requirements are: 1) HLURB or SEC registration certificate, 2) Articles of Corporation, 3) By laws, 4) certificate of attendance of BIR orientation, 5) BIR forms.

Registration fee is P500.  We paid a penalty of P1,000 because our HLURB registration was 5 years ago.  We should have registered at BIR after the release of our HLURB registration.  Payment was done at Land Bank, Tipolo, Mandaue branch.  I first went to Metrobank North Road but they accept BIR payments only if one has an account in their bank.  It is good that Land Bank does not require to open an account.

Now that our BIR registration is released, I will be going to the printing press for printing of our official receipt.

And I thought BIR registration is complicated.  With this experience and information, I am ready to venture for a small business.

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