Dr. Amparado, EENT, a doctor who cares

Last night, my mom felt pain and discomfort in her inner ear.  The pain lingered the following day, so we went to our favorite EENT, Dr. Dennis Amparado, at Velez Hospital, Cebu City.

We have been to a couple of EENTs but Dr. Amparado is out of the ordinary.  He addresses the problem right to its core the first time.  He has not advised us to return for follow-up check-up nor have we returned because the complaint has not been resolved.  Everytime we go to him for consultation, it is always a new case.

His prescribed medicines are affordable but reliable.  The medicine he gave to my mom this time cost only P4.50 each, a total of P27.00 for the 2 days prescription.

I’m thankful for doctors who care for his patients not only for his wallet.

Toast to you, Doc!

Dr. Dennis Amparado can be contacted at 412-5649.

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13 Responses to Dr. Amparado, EENT, a doctor who cares

  1. telford rizarri says:

    maaam sal,

    thank you for your reference dr amparado, naa gud problem ako mata karon, the last i visit during celestica time i have read nga opthamologist pud sya….il be visiting the Dr. tommorow

  2. Febie says:

    gud pm, maam paano po makontact c Dr. Dennis Amparado. since 1999 nagpalaser me sa iya.

  3. Brenda says:

    pwede mangotana ug pilay kasagaran bayad sa magpalaser sa cataract?

  4. sol apurado says:

    yes thats true he is the best doctor amparado ..he is the one laser the 2 eyes of my dad elpidio apurado,,,and some others so thankful,,to him,,,,,, the good doctor….

  5. Sherlyn says:

    I love him, too. Whenever I have the worst ear experience, he resolves it right. I had the worst one ever year 2004, I’ve been to 4 EENTs, been to Cebu Doc ER, been to neurologist who recommended me for MRI… they all didn’t find the answer to my 3-week long Meniere’s disease. I had fever back then and paired with bad colds. I finally decided to get back to him, he was the only one who solved my problem. And it was only due to a massive ear wax that was stuck in my eardrum! How stupid it had been that I had to do MRI finding no fault in my head, just that earwax! Thank God, there are MDs like him.

  6. SnowBlind says:

    I’m bringing my son to see him tomorrow. I want a second opinion regarding the ear infection, eardrum puncture my son is suffering from.

  7. Frohnie says:

    . Dr. Dennis Amparado cannot be contacted at 412-5649. Is there other I can contact?

  8. marcelina pelayo catam-isan says:

    good evening,
    just wanna know the clinic hours for DR. Amparado @ Velez Hospital…
    we need it badly..

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