Of Universal Remote Control

After 11 years, the original remote control of our Panasonic tv bugged down.  So off to SM City Cebu I went to buy a new one.  They only have a universal remote control. It’s only P199.75.  I also bought 2 energizer batteries for its use.  And that was on Jan. 11, 2010.

On Feb. 2, the universal remote control failed to function.  I tried on the new batteries for my camera.  The remote control functioned again.  It’s sad, the remote control eats up a lot of energy.  The original remote control’s batteries lasted 1.5 to 2 years.  Sigh  😦

I called Panasonic center in Cebu but they said that they do not sell remote controls.  So off I went to Manalili to buy from electronics shop.  So I bought a small remote control at P100 only.  Today is the second day of its use.  I still have to observe the life of the batteries.

The small remote control is the one I bought from an electronics shop near the famous Carbon market.

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