Fregion’s Flame

I’ve googled the name of my husband, Fregion.  I presumed that I cannot get any postings because his name is unique.

Much to my surprise, there is an “F region” (the highest part of the ionosphere) and the “Fregion’s Flame” in Aion Place.

“[West]Fregion is live! [West]Fregion is the first server to be added after our very successful launch of Aion. A European server and an East Coast North American server are also on the way.”

“The name “Fregion” has its origin in ancient Atreian lore, taken from the one Drakan that sparked history-altering pretension in the Balaur Empire, eventually leading to the Epic Cataclysm.”

Hmmm, I couldn’t find “ancient Atreian lore” though in Google.  Well, this maybe just hypothetical.

Nevertheless, my husband’s name is still unique in that his name’s sake is a server and an online game.

Together at the Mactan International Airport (Nov. 30, 2007)

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