I always love halo-halo.

Not the fancy halo-halo at the mall which the ingredients are all in cans or jars.  Not the halo-halo with ice cream as it will overwhelm the taste of the fruits.  Not the halo-halo without ube.

But the halo-halo at the roadside carenderia or at the wet market which all the ingredients are prepared fresh.  And of course, the halo-halo with the delicious ube.  I could go for a halo-halo without the other fruits but just the ube, though it won’t be a halo-halo anymore.  Whenever I eat halo-halo at these places, I always ask for additional ube for about P5 or P10. 

This halo-halo costs only P20 + P5 for the additional ube. This halo-halo space is under one of the stairs at Lapu-lapu City Public market.  At the back are suman and bread products.

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