Fon’s Barbecue

It was known as Fonsa then.  I love to eat in this place.  I first ate here when the place was only a small hut.  It was crowded then that we had to queue on tables.  When it was our turn, we had to eat fast with little conversation because another set of people are waiting in line.  Leaving the place, we smelled barbecue all over and were teary-eyed because the smoke from grilling overwhelmed the place.

From its humble beginning, Fon’s Barbecue can now accomodate a large number of people.  The barbecue still smells and tastes great just as I remembered it which will leave you wanting.

Barbecue with sauce consisting of calamansi, vinegar, soy sauce, and pepper.  Yum yum.

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3 Responses to Fon’s Barbecue

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  2. Frank says:

    The service is so bad. I received a soft drink with a fly swimming inside the bottle. Their rude employees refused to replace it because they believe that it is not their fault why the fly went inside. Well, It is not our fault either why the fly went there. Do we have to pay the drink that we didnt drink at all?. As a customer they should have replaced it, If only their place is clean flies wouldnt roam in their place.

    • rosalie says:

      Sorry about your experience. So far, me and my friends had not encountered problems there. However, we normally go in the evenings after work so there are no flies anymore. On the other hand, presence of flies are understandable because their place is open. The employees also maybe are made liable to any returns, meaning they will pay for the returned items, that is why they had not replaced your drinks. If that will happen to me, I will ask for the owner so that they will improve their service.

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