Chiropractic Doctors in Cebu

I know of 3 chiropractic doctors in Cebu.

1. Dr. Dave Israel Cirujano, Talamban, Cebu City, near North General Hospital.  Tel. no. 415-9301.

   UPDATE: 12/1/2010 – Dr. Dave Cirujano has moved temporarily to IPI Mabolo clinic.  An appointment is necessary because he gets out of the office to finalize his new location.  Please call IPI Mabolo and ask for Dr. Dave Cirujano. 

2. Intercare Cebu, Molave Street, near Ayala.  Tel. no. 232-3264

3. Pardis Chiropractic Clinic, inside Ayala. Tel. no. 233-1171

I have gone to items 1 & 2.  They both have the same services but I prefer Dr. Dave Israel Cirujano because he is a Filipino and speaks Cebuano.

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39 Responses to Chiropractic Doctors in Cebu

  1. jong says:

    Can U give me the exact location of Dr. Cirujano… I tried going there but I did not found his office

    Dr. Dave Cirujano has temporarily moved to IPI Mobolo clinic. IPI is the company that makes the famous Efficacent Oil. You have to make an appointment because he gets out of the office to negotiate for his new office. Please just call IPI Mabolo and ask for Dr. Dave Cirujano. You will be forwarded to the clinic.

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  3. hi, how much does Dr, Dave Cirujano charge per session?

  4. rosalie says:


    I already deleted it. Welcome to the club of natural therapy.


  5. lorz says:

    Hi do you happen to know where Dr. Cirujano’s clinic or an updated contact no.? I called IPI clinic and they dont know where he is now

    • rosalie says:

      Hi, Lorz, again 😉

      I just know that his office is in Lahug. I believe it is his residence, so maybe you can find him in the yellow pages. It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve been away so I have no update anymore.

    • Ric says:

      Hey you guys, I went down to the factory that Rosalie mentioned about 8 months ago. they gave me Doctors C’s cell number. I had to kind of beg a little bit, but the guard called the clinic and they had it. I called the Doc and he couldnt see me till the next week. So I went to Doc Pardis. About 6 months ago I lost my phone and Doctor C’s number also! If soneone has it, I sure would like to try him out for my hip problem.. please email me if you find out Doc C’s number, my email is… THANKS!

  6. Lorille says:

    hi guys!:D would you now happen to know of Doc Dave’s location and contact info?

  7. Judy McCurdy says:

    I will be in Cebu for 3 years. My body responds best to alternative medicine. I found your blog when searching for a natuopathic chiropractor. Can you update me on a preference you have?

    • rosalie says:

      Hello, Judy. I’ve been out of the country for 3 years but the last chiropractic doctor I preferred was Dr. Dave Cirujano. My mom and I had been to Intercare near Ayala for 10 sessions but the chiropractic alignment was maybe only 5 or 6 sessions. I know of some friends who went to Dr. Pardis in Ayala Center. 10 sessions is also recommended and the feedback is good. With Dr. Cirujano however, if your problem is resolved on the first visit then there is no need for you to return. What my 10 sessions in Intercare did not correct, Dr. Cirujano did it in 1 visit. The only trouble is Dr. Cirujano has left the last office I visited.

      • Jess Flores says:

        Hello rosalei do u now have an update of where Dr. Dave Cirujano’s clinic? I really need to have his service ASAP since I have a shoulder injury recently at the gym during work out. Please help me.

      • rosalie says:

        Hello, Jess. Sorry I have no update anymore. I’ve been out of the country for about 4 years already. How about Dr. Pardis in Ayala. I have several acquaintances who went to him and the feedback is positive too.

  8. anthony m. docdor says:

    good day ma’am, can I ask the location and contact number of Dr. Cirujano. My mom just suffered a mild stroke.She refuses to be admitted in the hospital. Please help me to get in touch with Dr. Cirujano. Thank you

    • rosalie says:

      Hello, Anthony. So sorry to hear about your mom. I’ve been out of the country for more than 3 years and I have no update of Dr. Cirujano. Dr. Pardis in Ayala has been recommended by some of my acquaintances.

  9. Felix t. Natividad says:

    Hello, Good Day! my mom, had a brain tumor and went to a brain surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. the latest diagnosed is still recurrent. and we are lossing hope for our mom. may ask if dr. cirujano can handle this kind of cases? my mom is in cebu right now. hope you can help as find any alternative cure for our mom. thank you

    • rosalie says:

      Good evening, Felix. I am very sorry to hear about your mom. It would be too painful for you to look at your mom suffer that way 😦 Dr. Cirujano is a chiropractic doctor and deals mainly with alignment of bones, so he is not the one your looking for. I would recommend Dr. Tam Mateo. Please look at my blog about him. You can find their address and phone number there, just scroll down to earlier dates. Since your mom is in Cebu, I would also recommend the Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Mandaue. I have been there too since we are almost neighbors. You can consult with them first and you can start from there. In my case, I have used both Ananda Marga and Dr. Tam’s. They compliment each other and in my case, I benefited from both. Below is the address and phone number of Ananda Marga:
      Ananda Marga Wellness Center
      N Alinsug St., Greenview Village
      Bgy Pagsabungan
      Mandaue City, Cebu Province
      +63 (32) 236 – 4797
      +63 (32) 420 – 9240
      +63 (949) 672 – 2950
      Please ask for Ms. Savitri
      Website: – See more at:

  10. julia says:

    There’s also a Korean doctor in AS Fortuna Cebu. Most patients say he’s a miracle doctor. Me, Ive been to many, and this one I believe in. Try him. Phone no. 0917-9418638

  11. bob says:

    hi chinad, where exactly in lahug?

  12. amor says:

    09227703099 is the contact number of Doctor Dave Cirujano.

  13. amor says:

    +639173225150 new contact number of Dr. Dave Cirujano

  14. i mean where is Dr. Dave Cirujano’s office

  15. He is not a good person to contact when you try to make appointment with him!!!

    • DD says:

      Fyi Dr Cerojano DOES NOT ACCEPT. Patient whos only purpose is just for health maintainance only . Please make an appointment if the patient has a really clear case for treatment. For health maitainance kindly look for another practioner
      Thank you

  16. DD says:

    Fyi dr cerojano DOES NOT ACCEPT patient whos only concern is just for health maintainance only, if you have the same concern kindly look for another practioner
    Thank you

  17. amie says:

    does any body know how much dr cirujano charges for a visit? thanks…

  18. Robelou Roda says:

    Hello, Miss Rosalie! Good day! 🙂 With a hopeful heart, I just would like to ask if you have an idea unto where we could possibly locate Dr. Dave. We’ve been trying to contact him for a while now. Unfortunately we failed to contact him, and now we’re still doing everything to find him. I hope you can read this. I would truly appreciate your words, Ma’am. Watching my mother feeling the pain she’s going through…pains me more…us. 😦 T_T Your help would surely of great help, Ma’am Thank you. Sorry, and God bless! LD

    • rosalie says:

      Hello, Roda. I feel you. My last info is that he is doing office at his home in Lahug (? or somewhere there). Please try this number +639173225150. This info is as of Oct. 2015. I hope you can contact him. If not, check out Dr. Pardis. I have acquaintances who have positive feedback of him, too.

  19. Robelou Roda says:

    Shoooocks!~ Miss Rosalie, hello once again! Thank you very much for your reply. 🙂 I thought I was not able to send that message, but thankfully it was safely delivered. 🙂 Anyway, Ma’am…I don’t know, but I just could not thank you enough for your kind gesture. 🙂 We’ve already contact him Ma’am, and that’s thanks to you and your blog. 🙂 It was truly of great help. 🙂 THANK YOU, Ma’am, as in supeeeer thanks! 😀 *shows a genuine and thankful smile* By the way, my mother would also like to extend her gratitude to your kind gesture. 🙂 Once again Ma’am, THANK YOU for your precious time, SORRY for the disturb, and GOD BLESS you and your dearest loves ones always! 😀 <333333

    Sincerely yours,
    My mother's daughter ❤ (Robelou!~ ^_^V)

  20. I practice in Dumaguete and have 40 years experience as a licensed Chiropractic Dr. An Registered Nurse. I have specialties in Intensive Care, Flight Nurse and Occupational health post graduate studies in rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. I maintain an active Phillipines and American license. My advise would be to request evidence of foreign and Phillipines license prior to seeking treatment.

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