I Now Cut my Mom’s Nails

My mom turned 60 years old on June 21, 2009.  She is now a senior citizen though she doesn’t look her age.  Having an aging parent makes me realize that life is really short.

Mom at 60 (June 21, 2009)

My mom used to work as an all around beautician including manicure and pedicure.  When I found a good and well-paid job, I let her stop also due to her bronchitis.  Staying at home, she is busy with household activities.  But she never fails to groom her nails.  She personally cut her nails and apply nail polish.  I volunteered to do it for her but she refused.  Until recently.

About 6 months after she turned 60, she asked me to cut her nails.  And we are now doing it regularly, normally every Saturday.

I am happy that I am with her at the sunset of her life, to do the simple things that she cannot do anymore including cutting her nails.

And I have come to understand that having an aging parent will teach you the full circle of life.

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