A Reflection on the Death of Cerge Remonde

The sudden death of Cerge Remonde shocked the whole nation especially Cebu where he came from.  Watching the news on tv, listening to what his family and peers say about him, brought me and my family to tears.  We are not acquainted with him yet we know him through the radio.  This is long before Cerge Remonde became the press secretary of President Gloria Arroyo.

Cerge Remonde, a radio broadcaster in Cebu prior to becoming the Press Secretary of President Gloria Arroyo

Who would have thought that Cerge Remonde would be gone 2 days after the Sinulog, 2 days after the fiesta of the Sto. Nino with whom he is a devotee?  During the fluvial parade Cerge Remonde looked full of life with no hint of any physical difficulties.  He attended the fiesta of the Sto. Nino and was even present during the Sinulog.

With the sudden death of Cerge Remonde, I have come to realize my own vulnerability.  Death does not recognize one’s position, possession, and achievements.  When our time will come, there is nowhere to hide.

I just hope that when death arrives my family will be with me, my husband holding my hands, my children sorrounding my death bed.  I just pray that death will be easy on me and that my family will be prepared with my passing.

Let us pray for Cerge Remonde: Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace.  Amen.

For details of Serge Remonde’s death, please see this link: http://businessmirror.com.ph/home/top-news/21128-cerge-remonde-dies.html

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